Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Fragments: Episode #249

Half-Past Kissin' Time

I can't believe this is the 249th installment of Friday Fragments.
Seriously?! How fun is that?
That's roughly 1250 bits and pieces from my mind released in the past six years.
I don't know what a mess I'd be in, had I held onto them;
thanks for being here and sharing in the fun.
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***I'm not gonna lie; I've started to count the days left of school, right along with my students. (13.5)

***For the first time in my kids' lives, as the youngest prepares to leave the next, I feel like things are moving super-fast, and I want time to stop a little so I can enjoy these last few months.

***A PR rep invited me to read an article and share it on Half-Past Kissin' Time. Because of the content, I actually said yes this time. However, he was pushy about the timeline when I hadn't read the article within three days of his sending it to me. I explained that I am a teacher and this time of year is busy for me. He responded with, "No problem! I've went ahead and set a publishing date for next Friday, just to buy you some time." Seriously? Why do I need to buy time? His pushiness inspired me to write the following reply:

Thanks, but I'm not interested in deadlines or pressure when it comes to my blog, and certainly not when giving someone the courtesy of free exposure on my blog. I've changed my mind about the article. Thanks for the opportunity.

Dude mistook me for a pushover; he clearly doesn't actually read my blog.

***At my second-annual, health assessment (an initiative courtesy of my employee health insurance), the nurse told me that although I could lose ten a few pounds, I haven't gained weight in the past year and that is an accomplishment at my age. I guess that's a win; I'll take it.

***Today I registered to participate in a longitudinal cancer prevention study. I've agreed to be followed for twenty or more years and complete surveys regarding my health and lifestyle along the way. I signed up because I appreciate the efforts of the American Red Cross and other groups dedicated towards finding cures. 

***Check out Kyle's digs during his upcoming internship in Buenos Aires:

(For larger views, check out yesterday's post.)

Speaking of Kyle, here's the text I received from him around 12:30am on Wednesday, his 21st birthday:

Funny kid guy.

***Speaking of world travels. our foreign exchange student, Maren (who returned home to Norway shortly before Christmas), is returning for a visit, this time with her family! They arrive the second week of June and will be here for a couple of days before heading on to Florida. We are looking forward to meeting them and seeing Maren again, of course.

***I've been tutoring a student in reading, after school, for months. Recently, she seems to really be "getting it," which is thrilling for me, as a newb teacher of reading (decoding). I'm so glad we'll continue our tuturing schedule this summer and have no chance for her to experience the "summer slide."

Okay, you can take it from here! Link up your Friday Fragments post and see what some other fraggers are up to. Have a great weekend.

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