Saturday, May 25, 2013

IndieFlix Review and Generous Giveaway!

I don't watch a lot of movies (no time, I guess), though I did spend $40 (including snacks) last weekend to watch tbe stupid-but-somewhat-entertaining Big Wedding with Kendall. However, I really enjoy documentaries, and I love supporting the little guy, so when I received a subscription offer from the folks at IndieFlix (along with the trailer from Finding Kind), I took them up on it.  IndieFlix isn't just about documentaries, though; it gives independent filmmakers from a number of film genres a platform for getting their work out there, so you get to see movies before they hit the big-time, which is kind of cool. It's like Netflix, only for movies made by aspiring big-time filmakers, winners of Cannes, and more.  By watching films at IndieFlix, you get entertained and help small filmmakers get recognition and payment for their work.

I was only planning to watch a couple of quick flicks and wait til summer to watch more, but I got caught up and ended up watching several.  The award-winning documentary,This Way of Life is the movie I liked the most. It's about a beautiful, inspiring, dirt-poor family whose family values are to be admired, even if one doesn't admire their lifestyle. I really liked it.

Ever wonder why girls are the way they are (so mean to each other)? So did two young women who founded the Finding Kind movement and produced Finding Kind, a powerful documentary about bullying in "Girl World". I found the film to be compelling, true-to-life, and inspiring. I also spent much of it with tears in my eyes. To view the trailer, click here.


I also watched these:

*Leyenda (Horror, SciFi, Thriller, Drama, Foreign, 16 minutes)
This one was a little far-fetched for my taste.

*Adventures of Owen by David Cadiz is a creative little film with a cute ending
 (Comedy, SciFi, Animation, 14 minutes)

*What Are You, Anyways? Jeff Chiba Stearns (Animation, Foreign, Documentary, 11 minutes) P.S. I added the comma to the title. 
"Foreign," in this case, means Canadian.
 I would have labeled it a Memoir.
I really liked it.

To learn more about IndieFlix, watch this video. Then come back and enter to win!

A free one-week subscription to IndieFlix is available on their website, but to get your name thrown in the hat for one of TEN free, two-month subscriptions, simply comment here and/or Like the Finding Kind Facebook page and let me know that you did (and your Facebook name if I don't already know it). Giveaway ends one week from today: Saturday, June 1st.

Good luck! :)

I received a free, 3-month subscription ($20.97 value) to IndieFlix in exchange for spreading the word here. Opinions about the service and the films I watched are my own.

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