Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Fragments: Episode #258

So much going on, I figure I join in this week and link up with Unknown Mami.

***I took Kendall to Freshman Orientation at the U of Minnesota-Twin Cities this week. I had planned to save all of my crying for the day we finally drop her off and wave goodbye, but who knew these things cannot be planned (especially with menopause hormones sticking their noses in our business)? Wednesday was especially rough.

***Because I'm not under enough stress lately, on our way home from Minneapolis, we decided to drive behind a truck on which a glass window suddenly shattered and sprayed fine shards of glass all over my new car. The first estimate is in at $3200. Thankfully, no one was hurt. [Yes, I got the truck info. Yes, we stopped and filed a police report. :)]

***I'm embarassed to say that we have been overpaying for car insurance for many, many years. (Our agent is an old friend.) I recently got a bid for new insurance, and we made the switch--We will be saving $100 per month. Today is the first day of the new insurance and the last day of the old. I'm hoping the old company takes care of my car issue in a timely manner.

***The previous fragment aside, the University of Minnesota is so impressive; I feel completely comfortable about Kendall studying there and am excited about her future there.

***We have friends who live in downtown Minneapolis. I could see the campus from their living room window, and that gives me a sense of security; Kendall will be fine, but if she needs help, it's there.

***My Google Voice doesn't work any more, and Mom is bummed; she misses her personalized voicemail message!  I suspect it has something to do with my new phone, but I don't know how to fix the situation; it's been added to my list of to do's.

***Speaking of Mom, she's having hip-replacement surgery on Monday. Prayers for a smooth surgery and speedy recovery are welcome!

***Do you use essential oils? Do you think they really work, or are they effective because you think they work? Just wondering...

***I miss Kyle. We video chat once per week or so, and it's so great to hear his voice, but it's just not cutting it for me; I will be glad when he's within hugging distance.

***When I got home, a laid right down on the floor and let Milo and Steve smother me with kisses until I laughed uncontrollably. It's great to be home.

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Have a great weekend!

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