Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Stepping Out with Mom

I took my mom to physical therapy today, one month after her totall hip replacement surgery. She'd been following all of her doctor's orders and doing her exercises at home faithfully. She's no longer taking prescription pain meds and is handling the pain with ibuprofen. I'm so proud of her recovery! When the therapist told Mom it was time to tackle the stairs without her cane and without putting both feet on the same steps, Mom was a little wary but trusting. Here she is, my bionic mother, age 84, climbing yet another hurdle like a pro.

"MY STARS!" she exclaimed earlier, after putting her full weight on her new hip for the first time (she hadn't dared prior) and realizing she could do it. [For those who don't know my mom, "My stars!" Is short for "Oh my stars and garters!" one of Mom's favorite sayings that she uses in place of OMG.] 


For more on on my mom's silly sayings, read The Origin of My Blog's Title

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