Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sundays in My City: The Nor'wester

Unknown Mami

On Sundays at Unknown Mami, bloggers from around the globe share glimpses into their cultures and surroundings. Today I'm sharing a few pics that show the culture of my daughter Kendall's "Nor'wester" trip, the highlight of her summer, from which she returned from this week.

The Nor'wester is organized each year by Green Bay Camp U-nah-li-ya. Kendall's looked forward to it for years. The trek involves nine days of canoeing, portaging (carrying canoes from one body of water to another over land), and camping. One adult (college kid) supervises a group of girls (or boys) ages 15-19, and they cover at least 60 miles, returning home with bug bites, scars, dirt, and stench. At some point, I hope to post a little from Kendall about what the trip meant to her, but today I'm just going to share a handful of photos from Kendall's friend Carly's.

The Nor'wester is not a fashion show; nobody cares what they wear. 
Makeup is not on the packing list. Raingear and a positive attitude definitely are. 

Kendall was introduced to Spam, her new favorite food (and no--I'm not kidding) on this trip.

Even after canoeing all day, getting a little lost sometimes, and putting up with Eagle-sized mosquitoes, they never lost their senses of humor.

They saw the pristine wilderness of the Boundary Waters 
and all kinds of forest critters.

Most of all, though, they had fun, solidified friendships, 
and learned a lot about themselves (more on that another time).

Here's to the girls of this year's Nor'wester.

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