Thursday, October 10, 2013

Friday Fragments: Episode #270

Without weekends, I could never survive the school year.
This week's fragments are school-related, and although they are mostly positive in conten
I look forward to clearing my mind and entering the weekend fragment-free.

I made a report today to the authorities this week because of a nagging suspicion
which I backed up with a check of my state's court records. 
I hope I wasn't too late.

We taught the metric system this week; there was a whole lot of measuring goin' on
and I thought I'd share this cute pic.

I advise a group of middle schoolers who like volunteering, the Difference Makers.  
We don't meet in September (too busy), but we hit the ground running last week 
and made plenty of plans for this year. 
Tonight, we played Bingo with senior citizens at a local nursing home. 
Next week, we'll help out at a local animal shelter. 
Then we'll welcome five new members in time to make cakepops to share with ??  
If the first few weeks are any indication, we're going to have a great year.

Last year, the Difference Makers switched to meeting every other Thursday, 
in contrast to every week, like the year before. 
This year, they want to meet every week again; it's more fun and keeps the momentum going. 
I agreed.

At the nursing home tonight, one of the residents kept putting the Bingo chips (actually poker chips) in his mouth, and the kids were just wonderful with him, gently chiding him and redirecting him with no intervention from me whatsoever; I was very proud of them.

Also at the nursing home, I was also hit-on by an 80-year-old cutie pie in a wheelchair. 
After I told him I couldn't go out on a date with him (my husband wouldn't like it), 
he said, "Well don't say I never offered ya nuthin'," 
which made me laugh, because my mom says that, too.

One of my former students had a really rough day today.
If you have room in your prayers tonight, please include her.

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Have a great weekend!

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