Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wrecking Pug Tottie Rocks Homemade Halloween Costume

I have some very talented, artistic cousins, and their children take after them. The Ihde girls simply ooze creatvity. They are also dog lovers (and, in fact, are the people responsible for us having Milo!) Recently, one of the girls entered their dog, Tottie, in Petco's Make a Scene contest with this:

If it doesn't ring a bell, Google Miley Cirus's Wrecking Ball video and, after you wash your eyes out with soap and water, come back. I personally find this costume hilarious, and apparently a lot of other people do, too; I'll be darned if the pooch pic hasn't gone viral! You can also find this shot via College Humor and BuzzFeed.

If you would be so kind, would you please click here and scroll down to click Vote for Tottie? (It takes about two seconds.) I can vouch for his charming personality and sweet demeanor; Tottie's a gem, and so are his owners, so your vote (which can be placed once per day) will be apreciated.


Update: Tottie has now made a splash on Today's Pets!
Update: UPI , DailyCaller, DListed, IncredibleThings all have stories about Tottie. The eOnline headline reads:
This Pug Dressed as Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball Should Win Every Halloween Costume Contest Ever
And tonight (Thursday), McKenna and Tottie are being flown to the TODAY SHOW in New York City! WOOHOO!  :)

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