Saturday, November 30, 2013

Brotherly Lab Love

Of course, Mr.4444 and I were thrilled to have both kids home from college for Thanksgiving, but the one most happy to have them home, it seemed, was our yellow lab, Steve. Since pictures can say a thousand words, I have plenty of evidence:

Mr.4444 took the next two photos.
He said that Steve first came over and put his front legs on the chair to randomly give Kendall some kisses, but then he gingerly lifted one leg up at a time until he had cozied right up
and stayed there for 45 minutes.
It made Kendall cry; she wasn't sure he'd missed her that much.

Kendall always did want a baby brother or sister. 
Steve's the closest she's ever gonna get, so I'm glad she appreciates him :)

This morning, shortly before breakfast,
I found Steve like this:

Poor dog; he had to say goodbye to Kyle this morning.
Thankfully, he has two more days with his "sister."

[FYI, Steve is "never" allowed on the furniture and hasn't so much as tried to get up on the couch or chair since he was a puppy.]

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