Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Fragments Episode #276

I can't remember a time I needed a weekend more.
Releasing the tidbits fluttering around in my head should also help usher me into sanity.
Thanks for joining our fragmented little group.
Time to frag!

***I'm not gonna lie; I don't really "get" Instagram. If people share photos on blogs, Facebook, etc. why do we also need to share them via Instagram? I have an account, and I started to use it a little last week, but I still don't get it.

***I'm really proud of my Difference Makers, and it was great to be recognized this week by a local TV station in their Making a Difference feature. I would post the video here, but it has our real names in it, and I don't want students Googling my real name and landing here, so if you haven't seen the video yet but would like to, shoot me an email and I'll share it with you (unless you're a stalker, of course).

***Kyle shared a Facebook app (called Take This Lollipop) that is extremely creepy and will make you think twice about giving apps too many permissions. Speaking of permissions, I noticed last night that somehow my FB posts had defaulted back to Public--Not cool. Good thing I watch myself on FB, but still.

***I fear that should I ever be widowed (heaven forbid), I shall either starve to death or gain 100 pounds eating desserts, casseroles, and fast food. We grill all year-round (even with tons of snow on the deck), and I'm spoiled, because Mr.4444 is the grillmeister. When he's gone, I miss eating "real" food.

***I would like to own a diffuser for my essential oils, but I can't justify the expense. One of these days...

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