Monday, November 25, 2013

My Big Break?

I have exciting news! Just for fun, I entered a weekly online writing contest at Midlife Collage, and my entry made it to the top five!  Voting opens today. My story (one of my favorite blog posts; a holiday post, as well as just a favorite teaching experience) is called Making a Difference. If you wouldn't mind considering a vote for me, I would really appreciate your checking out the contest.

Voting is quite simple. Each positive comment and Facebook Like on the entries themselves equal one vote. If you're really ambitious : "Readers also send the Judges their opinions of the best story on our Closing Arguments page."  However, that's not necessary; I'd be thrilled if you'd be kind enough to simply Like my entry and/or leave a supportive comment, should you feel inspired. Of course, if you feel like spreading the word about the contest, too, that would be amazing.  Thanks.

Contest ends on Sunday. The prize is fame and fortune ($50).

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