Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sundays in My City: More Party Pics!

Unknown Mami

Unknown Mami hosts a weekly photo meme that features photos from places near and far.
Last weekend, I shared some photos from our Halloween party, 
but what I didn't mention is that a professional photographer friend, 
Casi Lea Photography, also took photos at the party. 
Casi set up a "photo booth" and snapped a number of gems I know you'll appreciate.

My sister laughs at this one of her and her husband, 
"The one time a man is SUPPOSED to stare at my headlights, he looks into my eyes. He must love me."

These two won for Best Makeup.

My favorite shot: me as Anastasia and Mr.4444 as 50 Shades of Gray

Love this shot of the Casi's parents.

The Price Is Right!

Aren't these two fantastic?
They both wore Las Vegas necklaces and carried suitcases
and a lot of money.

Four dead poets (Lois teaches high school English.) are featured in this next one.
Sorry I can't remember all of them: ? , Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath and Edgar Allen Poe.

Two of my dearest friends, Leslie and Lois. 
(Both stood up in our wedding nearly 25 years ago.)

And finally, four high school chums: Ellen, Colleen, me, and Lois.

We always have a costume contest at our party, and with Casi's photo "booth," 
I was able to give winners of the costume contest an 8 x 10 frame 
and the photo of their choice printed for the frame.
How cool is that?! 

The print prices were dirt-cheap, but the photos, to me, are priceless.
I don't know if I'll be able to have another party without Casi's services!

I've also decided to see if she'll do this for our family reunion this summer;
wouldn't that be fun?!

Casi provided this service for free this time (It was her idea!)
and later joined the party, of course.
If you like her work, please be kind enough to like her Facebook page.

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