Saturday, November 16, 2013

Yoga Love

I've been practicing yoga for more than a month now 
(That's what they call it; "practicing." I feel a little silly using the term, but why not?! 
I keep taking the classes (often), so I might as well embrace it.)

Anyway, I follow Elephant Yoga on Facebook and find that they post a lot of great resources, including the graphic below, from the Huffington Post, which explains the many benefits of yoga
(I realize the small print is too small to read; the circles should get the point across.
Alternatively, you can click here to view the graphic better.)

I have finally found a fitness activity that I like!
So far, I feel stronger, and I know that my balance has improved.
(I can stay in my back bend for almost six seconds before falling on my head!)
I love that I'm not jumping around, and the sweating feels great
(It releases toxins, you know.)
I finally feel like an athlete, I guess,
and I can now wear yoga pants without feeling like a poser.haha

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