Saturday, December 28, 2013

Canine Christmas

As mentioned previously, the dogs really love having the kids home.

Steve (the lab) is especially happy, 
hopping up on the furniture to snuggle with Kendall every chance he gets,

practically sitting on top of Kyle Chrismas morning...

He's getting in as much snuggle time as possible, apparently.

Santa brought Steve a very large bone.
When he first received it, he was very excited, 
happily taking it in his mouth and giving it a go.
Moments later, though, following some silent threat from Milo (apparently),
he dropped the bone and would go nowhere near it. 
Milo, who is clearly too small to enjoy the giant bone, sits nearby, looking innocent;
but we all know he's the reason Steve thinks he can't touch it.

Even when we put the bone right in front of Steve and remind him that it's his, 
he avoids it completely; he actually runs away from it if we try to bring it over to him.
It's as if he thinks Milo's going to beat the crap out of him as soon as we turn our backs
 if he so much as gives it a lick. See what I mean?
He is very uncomfortable in this photo.

It's really comical, but what in the world are we going to do with the bone, now?!

Oddly enough, though, Steve doesn't have a problem stealing Milo's stuffed animal toy from Santa.

Wish I were a dog whisperer....

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