Thursday, December 5, 2013

Friday Fragments: Episode #278

I suppose after all these fragmented posts, someone has already used the "Frosty Fragments" line, 
but it's currently 17 degrees here, so that fits.
But, in case you're in a place that's even colder, let's call these fiery fragments,
and I'll start it off with this,
the fire I made to welcome Mr.4444 home from a business trip tonight:

Welcome to Friday Fragments, the place to bring the bits and pieces of your 
busy week to unload and free up your mind for the weekend.
Thanks for joining me.
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We got some snow this week, and Mr.4444 wasn't here to take care of it. I hesitated to let the neighbor plow it for me, because that's one step closer to being the old lady in the neighborhood for whom everyone looks after. Thankfully, the two inches or so melted within a day. :)

This is my beautiful sister, Michelle, with her beautiful new birthday present, a camera strap.

It's it pretty?! If you have a photographer on your Christmas list and want to buy a very nice gift, 
visit Capturing Couture. (They also make guitar straps.)
 I actually bought it via The Grommet, which is a site that regularly shares new,
 undiscovered products, many of which are American-made. 
My experience with them was excellent 
(and no, this isn't a sponsored post; I just thought I'd share).

The surest way to get me to not click on a link on Facebook is to 
a) tell me I should Share it 
b) tell me that the last part is the best. 
If the content is worthy, it will stand alone without manipulative tactics.

When you upload a series of photos to Google+, it automatically creates a gif for you. 
I stumbled upon this one this week:

I've been going to yoga for about two months now, and I still love it. I go 4-5 times per week.
Tonight, I felt very proud, because two women who are younger than me asked me how I am able to rock a headstand so well. All I could tell them is that I've gotten better at it over time. I guess if you're standing on your head 3-4 times per week, you're destined to get better at it. I can see other tiny improvements every day, and that really motivates me. My least favorite yoga position is wheel:

No; that's not me (photo credit); mine looks more like this,

                 photo credit

but I guess that's better than nothing.

Okay, enough about me; how are you?!
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