Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Puppy Loves

I have no idea why neither Steve nor Milo made it to the 23 Most Adorable Puppies of 2013 list. I mean, seriously...Just look at them!

Regardless; I enjoyed the list very much. I've decided to share just two photos from the list, because they especially melted my heart. One is T-Rex, who was born without paws on his two front legs.  Is this pup adorable, or what?!

He is an inspiration to puppies and humans everywhere.  You can see more pics and video of T-Rex here.

The other little love who stole my heart was Theo (parts Sharpei and German Shepherd), who's been napping regularly with his buddy, Beau, as chronicled by Jessica, of Momma's Gone City. It was really tough to pic a favorite shot, as Jessica has plenty to choose from, but I promise you, every one of them is this adorable:
Recently, Mr.4444 asked if I would mind if we got a kitten.
I can only imagine how cute the photos would be; I think Milo and Steve would make great siblings.
I'm tempted.

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