Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Coming to a Subway Near You??

A former student (I'll call her Julie.) stopped by to say hi yesterday. I haven't seen her in a very long time and was glad to see her, as she was always entertaining (great sense of humor). As a middle school student with an emotional-behavioral disability, though, she had a bad habit of saying what was on her mind, and her thoughts were fueled by impatience, intolerance, and general hostility. She was a Difference Maker for a year or two, though; she had some very charming moments when she wasn't being sarcastic.

After catching up a little, we had the following conversation:

Julie:  Hey, I'm applying for a job at Subway. Will you be a reference?

Me [hesitating for a second]: That depends. Will you snap at people? If they take too long to choose their subs, will you get annoyed and say rude things to them? Will you give customers dirty looks?

Student: Probably.

Me: Okay. As long as you understand that that's what I'll be telling them.

Student: Okay. Thanks.

Maybe she can work in the back...

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