Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Heard in the Classroom

It's only Wednesday, but we've already heard three gems this week at the middle school.


A co-worker has a Pun of the Day in her classroom. One student each day gets to share a pun they've found.  Today's student offered up this gem (read it out loud for the full effect):

"The stripper got tired of the same old thong and dance."

Yes, I'm serious. The teacher said that only one other 6th grader raised an eyebrow; it went over the heads of the rest of the boys in class, thank goodness.


"Austin," said Mrs. C, "you said you have a headache, and I noticed you're not wearing your glasses."

"Oh, I don't need 'em. I got 20-20 vision."

She frowned. "How is that you suddenly have 20-20 vision when you just got glasses this year? If your head hurts, you're probably straining your eyes."

"No, I've just been thinking too hard."


Mrs. C likes to play classical music during student work times now and then.
Today, a student cheerfully offered, "I like this Sponge Bob music!"
And with that, Johann Strauss rolled over in his grave.

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