Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Poor Milo!

Milo woke up this morning looking terrible! Yes, this is the same dog...

I called the E.R. vet, who told me to monitor his breathing and take him to my vet, which of course I did.  He said Milo likely had an allergic reaction; he gave him an antihistamine shot and a prescription for antihistamine tablets to follow up with. The photo on the right shows how he looked when I got home from school in the afternoon, thank goodness.

A little while ago (8pm), Milo started shaking his ears/head and rubbing his eyes on the carpet, which made me check the prescription bottle and realize that I'd only given him half a dose of his meds. UGH!  I gave him some more, and he's sleeping now, but I sure feel like a terrible mother. I probably won't sleep well tonight; I'll be worrying about waking him up to take the next [correct] dose of his medicine.

I thought I was done with this mothering stuff! I'm not complaining, mind you...just sayin'! :)

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