Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sundays in My City: When Math Counts!

Unknown Mami
Sundays in My City is a weekly photo meme 
that invites shutterbugs from around the globe to share bits of their communities.
This week's photos belong to my sister, Michelle.
(Thanks, Michelle!)

The U.S. Department of Defense and the State Department sponsors a nation-wide, middle school math competition called MATHCOUNTS. This weekend, my awesome nephew, Caden, competed at the regional competition as part of a local team.

The event took place in a city called Sheboygan (shee-boy-gan), Wisconsin, at the corporate headquarters of Acuity Insurance, which prides itself on not being a "typical insurance company." You can tell this from the highway as you drive past it; I've seen it many times from a distance. Michelle and Caden got to see it up-close and in-person. Pretty spectacular, no?

The glass orbs are ginormous, according to Michelle.
(Click to make it even more ginormous; it's so beautiful.)

This article states that they are 12-15 feet in diameter 
and explains how they were made. (So interesting!)

Here's a snap of Caden (left) with his team, celebrating their victory!

That's right! These proud,self-proclaimed math geeks are going to State!!

May you and your friends earn ginormous scholarships to college!

Incidentally, Acuity's consistently been named one of the top 
mid-sized companies to work for in the U.S.
It will soon be adding a $130 million dollar addition 
which includes a 65-foot Ferris wheel
Seriously--a Ferris wheel

And I thought Google employees had all the fun!

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