Thursday, March 6, 2014

Friday Fragments: Episode #291

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Bits and pieces, peices and bits.
Throw them together; in a FF post they'll fit.
Empty the clutter that fills up your mind
and for the weekend, you'll relax and unwind.

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I've been terribly busy this week, doing my homework for a class I'm taking,
staying up way past my bedtime. I have literally put in 5-6 hours per night,
so that explains my absence here, in case you've been wondering what happened to me.

Mrs. C's and my communication arts students have been blogging up a storm lately.
If you would like to thrill a 6th grade blogger,
feel free to stop by our blog and comment on a few posts!
(Student blogs are linked in the sidebar.)
Yes, I realize the link leads to information about my employer;
I figure if I haven't been stalked in seven years of blogging,
it's probably okay to share the link this time.


I'm starting to get old-lady clothing catalogs in the mail. 
I'm not ready for that; they go right into the recycling bin.

Speaking of recycling bins, I've been aware that recycling is not offered in every state/city, 
and that kind of breaks my heart. Does your city offer recycling?

Kyle has now hopefully landed safely in Buenos Aires.We're all gonna miss that kid.

I'm so excited about some of my summer plans already--
Family visiting, a trip to California and BlogHer, our biannual family reunion.
I wonder if the snow will be gone by June.

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