Thursday, April 10, 2014

Friday Fragments: Episode #296

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Welcome to the second of a five-week celebration of the 300th Friday Fragments Blogiversary!
Did you know that you could win one of four fabulous prizes?!
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Now let's get fraggin'! Share the random bits and pieces of your week that weren't big enough to be stand-alone posts but are still blog-worthy. Put them in a Friday Fragments post, and link up!

***I'm going to our middle school's musical (Shrek) tonight; it's sure to be wonderful.  It'll be fun to see some of my students in a different context, too. I'm publishing this post early so that I can be sure everything's in working order when you arrive (as I think I'll still be at the musical at 9pm Central time).

***My post about some Google Chrome extensions that I love has been popular. I love sharing the love! :) That said, I suspect that my favorite Chrome extension (Ginger) may be messing with the code in my blog, specifically with LinkyTools code. I'm not sure yet, but I'll keep you posted. Do you use it? Are you having any problems?

***It's my sweet Kendall's birthday today!! HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY, KENDALL!!

Photo: How can you be 19 already?! Happy Birthday, Kendall!! I love you!!!

The poor kid burned the CRAP out of her foot last weekend (knocked her hotpot full of boiling water over and onto it); it looks really horrible (so bad that a photo here would be inappropriate!), but she says it's getting better. Here's hoping that your happy birthday helps with the healing, Kendall :)

***I made a YouTube video recently to teach parents how to solve basic generic rectangle problems. I did so because I'd never heard of generic rectangles until last year, and many parents complain about how confused they are when trying to help their kids with homework. I also made a video about finding the area and perimeter of irregular polygons. Exciting stuff! Let me know if you need a link to one of them! I have them saved in my personal school YouTube account, so I'd rather not just put the link here.

***I found out today that my cholesterol is suddenly higher than ever, which surprises me, because it's always been okay. I'd already decided recently that I need to start doing some cardio, so this is (hopefully) just the push I need to actually follow through. I'll keep you posted on that, too.

Please welcome one of our new fragmenters, Lady Banana! Also, if you see any other new fragmenters, it would be kind of you to pay them welcome visits! If you're new here, please put a an asterisk * next to your name when you link up, okay? Thanks. Linking up your own FF post gives you FIVE entries in the Fraggin' Fantastic Tercennial Celebration prize giveaway, too! Have a great weekend!

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