Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Good, Clean, Word-Search Fun

Mrs. C and I played a fun trick on our 6th grade students this afternoon. We gave them a word search worksheet (which thrilled them, because we never give those). However, none of the words on the list were actually IN THE puzzle search box. We told them it was homework and gave them time to work on it. Kids seem to love word searches (for some odd reason), so they got busy at it; the room was dead quiet for several minutes. We had included the words Happy, April, Fools, and Day (which were not on the word list), and a few of them found one or two of them, but they struggled with the words on the "required" list. They were SO persistent, and their serious faces were priceless! Apparently, some kids consider word searches their areas of expertise, so the eyebrows of those overachievers were especially furrowed! 

Eventually, Mrs. C and I could no longer contain our giggles, and we rushed into the hallway with them, so our gig was up! The kids were good-natured about it. One of them suggested that next year we hand out a handful of real word searches along with the fake ones, so that it's not so obvious; some of them had started to peek around and notice suspiciously that this was the toughest word search they had ever seen!

It reminded me of the time my sister Judi Hyde and I fell into a fit of giggles in our driveway late one night, and Judi, you remember how funny THAT was! 

Let's just say that women past their childbearing years have no business laughing that hard!

How about you? Did you get fooled on April Fool's Day?

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