Thursday, May 29, 2014

Friday Fragments: Episode #303

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Last week, I took a walk back in time to an old TV show I watched called Zoom.
The Zoom kids taught me how to speak Ubbi-Dubbi, and after I mentioned it,
 a couple of you suggested that a video was in order. I agreed, so here you go:

For what it's worth, I did not practice; 
I figured it would come back to me, and for the most part, it did!
(I'm working on the translation; YouTube's taking forever to upload!)

If you did not understand the video and/or are new here, 
click on the Friday Fragments tab above to learn all about it.
And, if the video still hasn't uploaded by the time you read this, 
follow my YouTube channel to see it when it's ready.

Some people think travel is glamourous.
Mr.4444 flew to Germany on Monday for business and will be back Friday evening;
there's nothing glamorous about that kind of travel.

Did you know that there's an unwritten rule that if your child (of any age)
 posts something on Facebook and you comment on it or Like it before anyone else, 
you are giving that post the social kiss of death?
Sometimes, I forget.
However, if you are a grandma of the poster, 
your child's friends will find you charming and practically start a fanclub for you.
I love that.

I snapped this gem of a photo of my great nephew last weekend
when I got to meet him and his baby brother for the first time.
He loved that we live in the woods and there were plenty of critters to find!
(That's a frog in his hand.)

I'm still working on finding time to write a post, with more photos. 

Tonight, the Difference Makers had their last meeting of the year, at my house.
It was relaxing and fun.

Each year, I make individualized Snapfish collage posters of the Difference Makers who have been in our club for all three years and are moving on to high school next year.
 Here's one from this year.

Photo: Check it out! (One down! Three more to go!) Thank you, Snapfish for the 50% off coupon towards the posters I'm making today!

 It makes me feel good to give such meaningful gifts; the kids really appreciate them.
I appreciate Snapfish giving me a 50% off coupon code to use for each poster. Thanks, Snapfish!

I am still quite busy with end-of-the-year spec ed paperwork.
I haven't been to yoga in two weeks.
In 14 days, I will be free, if I survive the remaining nine school days.
Pray for me.

Enough about me; how about you? Link up your FF post below, and have a great weekend!

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