Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Child Labor of Love

Our houseguests are ages nine, ten, and eleven. The girls (9 and 10) love to play with Milo and Steve, since they don't have pets at home. They also love to create, as evidenced by the hours spent on a project for Milo. Vanna asked for supplies, which I told her where to find and then let her do her thing, for hours, out on our deck.

She cut, painted, finger-knitted, and drew. 
Later, her sister joined her, and the work continued into the next day.
The result was a doghouse for Milo, complete with a picket fence in the back yard

and some grass to play in.

[A nice pair of scissors was sacrificed for this project; I think it was worth it.] 

The front door looked very inviting,

though the sign clearly made this house an exclusive one.

They presented it to Milo, who posed with them at the big "reveal."

It contained a very cozy bed,

which can be placed for outdoor lounging, beneath the sun shade

While I'm sure he appreciated the gesture very much, 
Milo was more interested in potentially getting a treat 
(He associates my camera with treats.haha)

He couldn't be persuaded to enter his new digs,

but someone else was, later; apparently Ted can't read.

Don't tell Milo!

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