Thursday, July 17, 2014

Friday Fragments: Episode #310

Half-Past Kissin' Time

I'm baaaaaack!
Thanks again, Unknown Mami, for blogsitting!
I'm anxious to frag again, so let's get started!
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Mr.4444 and I have a lot of sympathy for parents flying with children. We only did it once or twice, and the kids were fine, but it can be a nightmare for everyone.  If you know anyone who is planning an airplane trip with a baby, you should check this product out.

I find something very annoying and can't mention it on Facebook, so I'm sharing it here. I can't stand it went people who have strong opinions don't attend meetings and then call me (who did attend the meeting) to unload their opinions. DUDE--DON'T CALL ME TO TALK MY EAR OFF ABOUT WHAT YOU COULD HAVE COMMUNICATED PUBLICLY; I'm not going to take a single action on your behalf! I have a life. This same person asked me to write something to share with others. Not being gullible (or a secretary), I suggested that since he has specific verbage in mind, he could write it and then email it to me for insertion in a public doc that I manage. He said, "I would, but I don't have time." Then he continued talking for the next 20 minutes.GRrrrr Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

I wrote a complete review of the resort we stayed at in Mexico, including photos, and shared it here for people like me who have no clue about all-inclusive resorts and what to expect about the Iberostar Cozumel. Overall, we thought it was very nice, but if we were returning to that area would not stay in that location.

Speaking of vacations, when it comes to major vacations (out of the country), it surprises me that people would return over and over to the same locations (as did many we met in Cozumel). I'd rather go to a new place, given how big this world is. How about you?

Our visitors are having a ball, of course, and we are enjoying their company very much. 

(I guess by the time she got to "Mark and Ted" her chalk-hand was tired.haha)

On Sunday, they head to Camp Unahliya, at which they are sure to have the time of their lives. I can't wait to hear all about that.
Why there is glitter in the butter is beyond me:

For an update on how our menagerie is evolving with our new kitten, check back tomorrow; I've got a cute post with a couple of sweet videos with Milo, Steve, and our house guests.


And now, for our most exciting fragment news, KYLE IS HOME!!!!!!! After four months in Argentina, Kyle has returned home to Wisconsin to embark (in the fall) on his last semester of college at the U.W. Milwaukee. He's coming home for a visit Saturday (and bringing his wonderful girlfriend Alayna, too)!!! Kendall, too, will come home from camp to see everybody. Clearly, we will have an even more-full house, and I look forward to it!

Starting on Monday, I'll have an empty house (not counting pets, of course), and I look forward to catching up with all of you. Please leave a trail of breadcrumbs with your link below:  ALL links (not just FF) are welcome this time, but please note if it's a FF post when you add your name, thanks.

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