Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Fragments: Episode #322

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Welcome. Gather round the fragment fountain; our cups runneth over;
 there's plenty for everyone, surely. Collect the random bits of your week and put them in a FF post. Then share your link here and visit others to see what's going on these days.
Thanks for being here.

*Did you have to memorize the helping verbs when you were a kid? If you still remember them, you may have used a helpful trick for doing so. If so, do share; I know some kids who are learning them right now. I found this video today, but maybe you have a better method? Not sure what helping verbs are? Watch this (but I'll warn you; it's catchy):

*One little fragment that keeps swimming around in my head is that I need to update my header. One of these days...

*Mr.4444 is so generous. I've mentioned that many times; the man is a catch. That said, I wish he had been a little less generous this week, when he finally shared his respiratory virus with me. He's been sick for almost a month (started in his head, went almost immediately to his chest, and now he has a sinus infection). I experienced the first symptom this morning; sore throat, and hit the netipot before leaving for work. As the day wore on, my glands began to hurt, and I got a headache. So far today, I've drunk 64 ounces of water, a bottle of kombucha, and a smoothie made with all kinds of healthy stuff in it.

*For those curious, I made it with my Nutribullet, and it contained: 2 cups of kale, one frozen banana, one pear, a bit of fresh ginger, some chia and flax seeds, and some unsweetened almond milk.

*Rotator cuff recovery update: I'm doing great! Every time I go to therapy, my physical therapist adds another exercise; it now takes me 25 minutes to do all of them at home. My healing is right on track. I'm not ready for a job hanging wallpaper, and I still use a wheeled cart to carry most things, but I have more mobility every day and feel accomplished.

*I'm grateful for my excellent health insurance.

*I miss watching Downton Abbey.

*We got boozed again, even though I had put the sign on our front door, in plain view. I may have to become a wine drinker, though I'm sure many of you would be willing to take it off my hands.

*I think it's time for me to go to bed! Feel free to link up your Friday Fragments post below [If it's your first time, please click on the FF tab above, first. Thanks!] Have a great weekend!!

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