Thursday, October 23, 2014

Friday Fragments: Episode #324

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Hello there! How kind of you to stop by!
It's Friday, and of course that means it's random over here;
I've collected some bits from my week that didn't make it into posts of their own
and share them in the hopes of clearing my mind.
Of course, that's a pretty laughable prospect, but I'm going for it!


I've graduated to weight-bearing exercises this week as part of my rotator cuff surgery recovery! Yup; this girl is now curling five-pound dumbbells! It's been ten weeks now since I went under the knife, and I'm impressed by the pain I still have sometimes, but I am usually pretty comfortable and have only taken a few anti-inflammatories this week.


In case you missed it, I wrote 37 Things to Expect When You're Expecting Rotator Cuff Surgery and would be thrilled if you know someone you could share it with.


Also in case you missed it, Kendall recorded a beautiful song for her dad for his birthday.


My Mrs4444 email has not been working this week, for some odd reason. I have three different email addresses feeding into the same inbox, so I'm not sure why this is happening. If you need me for something, try my sweepsmom email, which ends in


I think we've figured out why Ted has such terrible gas; after two days of finding out what it's like to have a long-haired cat with diarrhea, we took him to a new vet who did a special kind of test and found that he has intestinal parasites. Nice. She said that we should know within a week if that diagnosis is correct; the diarrhea and gas will be gone.


I've officially, officially become a dog-crazy woman; I paid money [too much] for this ADORABLE sweater for Milo to wear on Halloween. After I put it on him, he went right back to napping.

I tried it on Ted, but he would have none of that!


Mr.4444's boss and his wife stayed with us last Saturday night and then went to the Packers game with our tickets (which they paid for, of course). They had a ball, but they later admitted to leaving during the 3rd quarter, since the Packers were kicking butt and they had a two hour drive home. Seriously? True Packers fans wouldn't dream of leaving a game early; we will never let them take those seats again. Just kidding on the second part; I will confess to having left a game in the 3rd quarter, but only because it was something like a bajillion degrees below zero degrees, at a night game, and it was a preseason game. Just kidding again on the preseason part; it doesn't get that cold until December, usually.

In spite of a very long Halloween party to-do list (our party is Saturday), I came home from work tonight and napped for two hours; it felt glorious. It'll all come together...

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