Thursday, November 6, 2014

Friday Fragments: Episode #326

Half-Past Kissin' Time

I declare a fragment war!
Just kidding; it just sounded fun to say.
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***My android cell phone has been limping along for the past two weeks. It was dead until yesterday, when I received a replacement battery that I now charge in a battery wall charger because my phone's charging port is the problem. I'm looking forward to making the switch to an iPhone Plus, which finally got big enough for my taste. The rest of my family has iPhones, so I'll finally be able to Facetime, about which I am very excited!

***The Difference Makers middle school volunteer group that I advise is back at it this year, and tonight we had ten kids in attendance, so the energy was very positive and infectious! This week, they have been collecting pet supplies and donations for a local animal shelter, and they're starting to have an impressive pile of donations; it's fun to see their excitement.

***Milo was absolutely filthy this morning, due to his apparent desire to get all the digging he can possibly get in before the ground thaws. I took him and Steve to doggy daycare (a rare occurrence and got him groomed, too. Isn't he adorable?

***While looking for the photo of Milo, I found a selfie that Mr.4444 took on Halloween.
He posted it on Facebook with the caption, So tell me, punk; is there a chain, or not?

That's bait candy on a table at the end of the driveway. He hid in the woods and then jumped out, fired up the chainsaw, and chased kids down the street. (No, the police were not called.) What was hilarious is that before the night was out, he was in pain from running so much (He is not an exercise-type.) and the only thing scary about him the next day was how sore his muscles were.haha

***Speaking of sore muscles, Kendall is afraid that she has mono; one of her roommates has it, and she's been suffering through midterm exams feeling very ill (dizziness, exhaustion, headaches, etc.) The test cannot be done until she's suffered for seven days. Fingers crossed that she is wrong.

***Kyle has been stressing out, given that he's about to graduate college (December) and isn't sure what he'll be doing for a job yet. I'm confident that he will come out on top, but my heart goes out to him. It's a part of life; we've all been through it. That said, if you're so inclined, please send positive vibes his way!

I am kind of blown away by the thought that I've shared three hundred and twenty-six Friday Fragments posts! How is that possible?! Where did the time go?! Link your own FF post below and join in the fun!

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