Thursday, November 27, 2014

Friday Fragments: Episode #329

Depending on your political affiliations, you may think that the original American Thanksgiving is nothing to celebrate. Thankfully, though, Friday Fragments have nothing to do with politics; we're just here to unload the random bits from our weeks that didn't make it into posts.

***Oh, yes, I did change from my nice, warm, fall Friday Fragments photo to the winter one; sorry. It's time we accepted that fall came and went in the blink of an eye and winter is upon us, right Kathy West? As for my header, I'm working on it...

***We had Thanksgiving at our house this year, hosting my sister and her husband and the two grandmas. It was an incredible meal, as usual. Grandpa 4444 was a wonderful cook, and presentation was important to him. I told Mr.4444 that because he is the same way, it feels like his dad is still here, in a way. Check out his turkey presentation:

Now I'm looking forward to watching our favorite Christmas movie, Elf.

***Kendall is home! :) Kyle is not! :( He works at Whole Foods, which was open until 3pm on Thanksgiving Day.  While I miss him and wish he was here, I think working holidays is a part of life; I've worked many a holiday in my day and survived, so I don't judge businesses that didn't close on Thanksgiving.

***We took some nice photos on the front porch today. Here's a nice one of my sister Mary and me.

And yes; it was freezing outside today (18 degrees), but to us that's balmy, and the porch has great picture lighting, so we sucked it up.

***I also took a video of a cute little game that Mr.4444 and Milo like to play. I caught the tail end of it, but you'll get the drift.

***If you haven't already entered my Uncommongoods giveaway, it's not too late. There are seven ways to enter to win the $40 gift certificate!

***I've had my new iPhone 6 Plus for about a week now, and I just want you all to know that having been a Samsung and iPhone user, I don't think the iPhone is heads and tails above the Samsung Galaxy. I actually kind of miss my Samsung's display, which I think is better than the iPhone. However, I am not impressed by the fact that my Samsung's charging port died (and so did my sister's) after a year and a half, so there's that. Maybe it's my fault, though, since I was always trying to cram the cord in the wrong way.  I do really love Facetime, but my iPhone is quite glitchy, compared to my Samsung (which was always fast and never glitchy). I guess this review is as clear as mud; sorry.

***Kendall and I are going to the Packers/Patriots game on Sunday. It is sure to be an "epic" game, because our teams are ranked #1 and #2, and playoff implications are high. If we remember, we'll sing a little bit of the Packers "fight song" for you!

I'm not sure how many fragmenters will be participating this week, but here's the linky, in case you're joining in!

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