Monday, November 3, 2014

Her Mother's Daughter

I love my "baby" sister, Michelle, and this is one reason why: her recent Facebook post, on Halloween, while a passenger in a vehicle driven by her son Logan, who has his learners permit.

Concentrate on your driving, Logan. Pay no attention to the giant annoying bumble bee that's in your car. — 

In the comments, Michelle added:

We had a great time. I would stare at cars as we passed by them. So funny to see people look so serious and then do a double take and laugh out loud. I think we need to do this again when it's not Halloween. Caden was in the back seat hiding laughing.

When someone commented that she is her mother's daughter, Michelle replied:

 I thought of that tonight. I stay in costume when I hand out the candy, just like she does. Every time I told kids to "Buzz off!" I realized I am just like her. LOL.

Michelle's post reminded me that no matter what, Mom will always be here, especially on Halloween.

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