Thursday, December 25, 2014

Friday Fragments: Episode #333

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Merry Christmas (or late Happy Hanukkah)!! Odds are that you, like me, were a little busy today (Thursday, Christmas or the day-after-Hanukkah); too busy to write a Friday Fragments post, but I decided I wanted "stay open" tonight, since it's 10pm and I'm finally settling down to poke around on the computer. I've got plenty of bits and pieces to share from this week. Feel free to link up this weekend if you land here later than Friday. Thanks for stopping by.

***We had a beautiful Christmas Day with gift openings at our house and two grandma's houses; we're so fortunate to have so much family with which to spend our holidays.

***I really enjoy seeing bits and pieces of everyone's Christmas celebrations via Facebook; the smiling families, babies, trees, etc.

***Poor Kyle woke up Christmas morning and got sick; he spent pretty much the entire day in bed, with the exception of a little time at one grandma's house.

 However, he did open his gift from me; it's more than a fragment, so I'll share it tomorrow, instead. (sorry)

***I can't get over how many people are suffering with the flu this week! It's probably good that we have a week off from school!

***Santa was very good to me! A few years ago, I lost the diamond of my engagement ring and therefore stopped wearing it. I've worn a cheapo fake diamond band from Shopko (department store kind of like Walmart). (I believe it cost about $20.) Mr.4444 a.k.a. Santa said I needed a new ring this year, so I picked it out and am very happy.

***My selfie buddy is home!

***Milo loves to dress up in clothes; Steve, not so much, but they both say Merry Christmas.

***The Difference Makers could use your help, and it's really easy; just like their photo on the Salvation Army's Facebook page and ask your friends to do the same. The photo with the most likes wins an iPad mini, which they could use for taking photos, blogging about their adventures, correspondence, and FaceTiming with other volunteer kids around the globe! Contest ends January 9th or thereabouts. Thanks for your support!

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