Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Fitness Pal, Steve

I've been trying to get some exercise lately, wearing my Fitbit and trying to make sure I reach 10,000 steps daily. Sometimes, I use the treadmill to cap off the day and get a little cardio in, too. Every time I get on the treadmill, Steve joins me, probably because of this experience:

We kind of dropped the treadmill training after we got invisible fencing and the dogs could run freely outside, but since I've been getting on it again these days, I sometimes have to fight our lab, Steve, for space. Milo, though, is right about where he was last year in terms of his feelings about treadmills:

He and Ted wrestle, instead, while Steve and I take a little walk.


Steve usually only lasts a minute or two, 
long enough to get a little bit of kibble and then chicken out
(which is fine with me, because I have to go faster than three mph
to get my heart rate up).

I'm also happy to note that I went to yoga today
for the first time since rotator cuff surgery in August!
It wasn't always pretty,  
and I couldn't always do the same movements that everyone else was doing, 
and I'm now sitting with ice packs on my shoulder and lower back,

but it hurts so good.

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