Thursday, January 1, 2015

Friday Fragments: Episode #334

Half-Past Kissin' Time

WOOHOO! Would you believe that I just realized today that I do NOT have to go back to school tomorrow? I had thought we had to come back for one [unproductive] day; what a relief! Now I can comfortably relax and collect the random bits and pieces of my week without pressure. Welcome to Friday Fragments, where we share random parts of our weeks that did not make it into posts.
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***Mr.4444 and suspect that he has a gallbladder issue. Thankfully, a physician's assistant neighbor who invited us for New Year's Eve heard his symptoms (pain that's been on and off since Christmas Day, feeling full many hours after eating, and a lot of burping) and suggested the diagnosis over the phone. Mr.4444 called his brother (who had his gallbladder removed a few years ago) and he said it took a whole year for his doctor to diagnosis it correctly. Mr.4444 went to his doc, had some blood tests done and has more tests scheduled for a week from tomorrow.

***In spite of Mr.4444 not feeling himself, we went to a neighbor's house for New Years Eve and had a great time. We got home at 1:30am feeling great (not drunk, just happy). That's when I began to feel sick. I'll spare you the details except to say that I haven't left the couch very much today.

***Kendall and I saw Into the Woods on the day after Christmas. It was okay, in my humble opinion. I don't know what I was expecting, but it was basically a Disney cartoon without cartoon characters; it was kind of hokey to me. Mr.4444 and I will be going to Unbroken this weekend.

***Check out the awesome photo Mom gave each of us for Christmas this year; it captures her beautifully.

***I found this awesome photo of Grandpa 4444. He was a terrific Santa back in the day! (Yes, that's Mr.4444's brother and him. As you may know, Mr.4444 loves dressing up in his Elf costume; I should probably get him a Santa suit.

***I was looking online to see when the new season of Downton Abbey starts and found this website, at which you can watch the episodes that came out in the UK in September but won't start here until Sunday. SCORE!

***I got a beautiful, almost-full-length, down winter coat from Grandma 4444 for Christmas, and I love it, so yes; I am happy that it finally got cold again. (Sorry.)

***Last week, I shared a post about my very special gift for Kyle. In case you missed it, check out My Labor of Love and I'm So Excited!  I'm really thrilled about it. Did you receive a favorite gift this year?

That's about it for me! How about you? Link up your own Friday Fragments post below and meet some more fragmenters! Have a great weekend. Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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