Thursday, January 22, 2015

Friday Fragments: Episode #337

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Boy, I know how to multi-task with the best of them,
as evidenced by the 17 tabs I currently have open on my computer.
However, everyone needs to simply now and then. That's why I love Friday Fragments;
I can unload some of the bits and pieces of post fragments that are flying around in my head.
Thanks for joining me!

***Kyle has a job interview tomorrow; please send hiring vibes his way, thanks.

***WOOT! I received $125 today from Google, I assume for my YouTube videos (two of my how-to videos have a lot of views). I'll take it!

***Mr.4444 is going to be globally recognized by the German company he works for, 
for his exceptional contributions to its growth and success in the past year! He so deserves it!

***I cannot say enough about the excellent experience I've had with Warby Parker recently. They have an online service that lets you pick out five frames and try them on for free at home. After ordering mine (with progressive lenses, btw), I wore them several times and realized that while I adored the frame, it just wasn't right for my face (not comfortable on my nose bridge). I was able to contact a wonderful customer service rep and am 100% happy with the results. I'll show you a photo one of these days, but trust me; my new frames are awesome. I highly recommend Warby Parker, and they did not give me a single thing to say that!

***Some time this weekend, I plan to finish a post about applying for scholarships. I think it'll be very helpful, so if you're interested, stay tuned!

Okay, I'm de-fragged for the time being. How about you? Got fragments? Feel free to link up below!

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