Thursday, April 2, 2015

Friday Fragments: Episode #347

Half-Past Kissin' Time

We're approaching Good Friday, and I'm late with my fragments because I spaced out on what day of the week it is! Sorry for the delay if you stopped by and wondered where the linky was!
Welcome to Friday Fragments, where random rules and there are few rules.
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I recently got a quote for converting 29 VHS tapes and 11 8mm tapes to digital video. It was $600, so of course I said "No thanks." I bought the Elgato Video Capture converter (about $70) and have started doing the work myself, transferring the video to an external hard drive that I also purchased. It is such a treat, watching old videos of the kids and grandparents.
It's that time of year in the midwest; Relay for Life events are in the works! The Difference Makers are planning to run a childcare/craft area at the Tinytown Relay. Kendall's sorority is involved in the relay in her neck of the woods. Here's how committed she is:

If you'd care to help Kendall reach her goal of raising $175, you can find her donation page here.
I brought a cake pan full of these to school on Wednesday

and asked students if they would like some "brownies." They loved them.
We also gave them an awesome word search that had none of the words actually in the puzzle. 
Fun stuff!
Mr,4444 is finishing up the maple syrup tonight. He said we have a record amount this year, but we did tap about five more trees this year.
I suppose many folks will be too busy to fragment this weekend, but just in case, here's the linky!
If you observe Easter, have a good one!

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