Thursday, April 16, 2015

Friday Fragments: Episode #349

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Hey! You made it! I'm so glad you're here; thanks for coming. I've collected some random thoughts from my week and look forward to reading yours, should you be so inclined! Here we go:

*The Difference Makers are going to be helping kids with homework in an after-school program. They are super excited; it's cute.

*I realized last Sunday that I was at my top weight, and I was having none of that; I've been eating right and using a Beachbody trial to get strong and, hopefully, lean. I'm already seeing the difference.

*State testing started this week; it's been very stressful.

*Mr.4444's cousin Kailyn is making progress towards healing from her serious skiing accident. Kyle and I are helping with the social media aspects of fundraising and communicating about Kailyn's progress. We have a Facebook page to help promote a YouCaring fundraising page that has already raised $45,000! It feels good to be able to something to help long-distance. Here's a cute photo of Kailyn.

*You may have seen a recent video that has gone viral of a high school student assaulting a peer in a school commons. I'm not sharing the video here because it wouldn't be appropriate (I work in that district.) However, I want to let viewers know a few important FACTS: 1) This event did NOT take place during a teacher-supervised period; it was in the commons, before school started in the morning. No teacher stepped in because no teacher was on duty. 2) The student being "punched" was not injured in the least; after the event, he got up and went about his day. 3) A teacher did make a mistake by making a facetious comment (the day before the incident) to a senior student about wishing he could cuff a kid in the head (or something along those lines). He admitted to the mistake and apologized to both boys in writing but not in person, for reasons that are none of anyone's business. 4) At this high school, such incidences are extremely rare.

*I do not condone punching people in the head for being obnoxious, though I've many times wished that I could do so.

*I'm glad I've never experienced repercussions for stupid things that I have said. Well, maybe I have, but I've suppressed the memory; no one wants to remember being foolish.

*Bullying is a term that gets overused. When you're constantly and deliberately whistling shrilly/making noises to antagonize people around you and they ask you to stop but you don't, and you continue and then get punched in the head, that's not bullying; it's you being a jerk and getting a consequence. Yes, it's assault, and assault is a serious thing, but it's not bullying; I wish the media would stop using that term to sensationalize.

*In the old days, people held kids accountable for their actions, not their teachers; I often long for the old days.

Okay, I'd better quit before I get in trouble. Link up your Friday Fragments post below, and have a great weekend! [For more information about Friday Fragments, click on the tab above. Thanks.]

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