Thursday, April 30, 2015

Friday Fragments: Episode #351

Half-Past Kissin' Time
You've come to the right place if you're looking for random bits and pieces
that may or may not be connected. Thanks for stopping by.
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***Want to win $100 cash? I'm hosting a giveaway to support Kailyn, my husband's young second cousin, who had a devastating skiing accident a few weeks ago. There are several ways to enter, all of which are easy. Even if you don't have a blog or a Facebook account, you have a chance to win! Click here to learn more. Giveaway ends May 15th.

***Mr.4444 is in Germany. Some time in the next 24 hours, he'll be home. You might think going to Germany is exciting, but he goes three or four times per year, stays 5-7 days, and returns home to have jet lag for two days; it's not as glamorous as it sounds. Some day, I might tag along, but he says it's not that impressive---lots and lots of bratwurst and potatoes for dinner, and I wouldn't be able to eat like I do at home (like a rabbit, as he would say). I suppose there are other places we could go that we'd appreciate more.

***The kids and I have our plane tickets to Seattle, new hiking boots, and lots of enthusiasm for our June trip. I was BUMMED, though, to learn that hiking passes to Mt. St. Helens are already all sold out for the summer! They directed me to a site called, at which people buy and sell permits; hopefully, we'll get lucky.

***I went hiking twice this week, to break my boots in, and I was reminded of some tips:
1) Hike with your mouth closed. (I ate some kind of bug!)
2) Watch your step! Watch your step! Watch your step! If you want to look at the scenery, stop first. (No; I did not fall, but I almost did, twice.)
3) Get your bunions fixed when you're young.
4) Knees change, especially over a decade's time!!
I've got some more breaking in to do...Good thing I have more than a month.
***I'm going to the doctor in two weeks to discuss the state of my "good" shoulder, now that my "bad" shoulder is almost healed (about 90%). I'm hoping that starting a Glucosamine/Chondroitin regimen will help and that I can avoid surgery two summers in a row. 

Okay, that's it for me! What have you been up to? Link up your Friday Fragments post below and make some new friends. Have a great weekend!

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