Friday, June 26, 2015

Reasons to Love Our Ragdoll, Ted

Our Ragdoll cat, Ted, turns one year old this month and is everything promised by the breed standard (and more). He's friendly, affectionate, beautiful, and vocal. No one (so far) has significant allergic reactions to him, either, which is a bonus we attribute to his dense fur. I comb him a couple of times per week, and we've so far not had a single hairball incident, which I'm guessing is due to his young age or something?? He also lets me clip his nails (when he is half asleep). We have not declawed Ted, and we've had no issues whatsoever as a result (It makes me feel bad about declawing our past cats!).  Ted also gets along beautifully with our dogs, Milo and Steve. The only naughty thing Ted does is try to sneak outside, but I'm actually thinking about leash-training him so that he can walk about now and then. I'm reluctant because then I fear he'll annoy the heck out of me until I take him out. (Still thinking on that one.) Anyway, today I took a quick video to show another one of Ted's charming qualities, playing fetch.

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