Thursday, August 27, 2015

Family Funny

Many, many years ago, my mom's side of the family started a fun little tradition.  Someone sent a birthday card that was so cute and funny to one of our farm-loving relatives that it had to be recycled to another family member. For years, it was passed on, signed and dated, sometimes with notes added. I remember receiving it once as a teenager and feeling like I was part of something really special. Sadly, no one has seen the card in at least twenty years, and no one can remember who got it last; it just disappeared.

Look what I made! (Mom's maiden name is hidden from the public version)

and the inside...

[Hopefully, Jim will excuse my crowded words!]

On the back, there is a note that reads:

Long ago, a "chicken dinner" birthday card began circulating but eventually got lost. It was fun while it lasted! Please pass this new card on to a D Descendant you love and add to the journey here:

The actual url leads to a spreadsheet like this one.
This is going to be fun!

I used PicMonkey to create the image and words for the front of the card
 and Snapfish to make the 5 x 7 foldable card
With shipping, it cost me $2.49

But, of course, we all know it's priceless.

*Chicken image came usage-rights-free from
Shout-out to my co-worker, Jenni, who provided the chicken feed!

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