Saturday, April 15, 2017

Adorable Elsie

Heard any good corny jokes lately? My mom has a good one: 

My mom Elsie is as active as she is corny and cute. Eighty-eight years young, she recently stopped driving, and we seven local siblings have picked up the slack to drive her to her many weekly activities: her hangout with singing friends called the Stumblebums, a few mornings per week at the YMCA for swimming, church choir practice, standing Saturday morning breakfast date with friends, and church on Sundays to sing in the choir. She also cross stitches nearly every day, bakes cookies and other treats, and goes to weekend crafting sleepovers. She's always doing something fun, and she never lets anything get her down for long. For example, she recently had an eye surgery that required her to face downward for 24 hours. When I called her the next morning to see how her night had gone, she chirped, "Oh, it went great! I even wrote a song to share!" You can listen to that little ditty here, but the point is we could all learn a lot from Mom's attitude towards life. That's why we decided to set up a YouTube channel just for her. On it, we shared all kinds of clips of Mom's jokes, song, and stories. If you're ever feeling down, head over to Elsie Mae C's YouTube channel--It's sure to pick you up. Mom's up to 37 subscribers as of this blog post, and she is shocked and tickled to death! Care to join her?

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