Sunday, June 25, 2017

Mr4444, Child Whisperer

Mr.4444 has always loved little kids, probably because he is a kid at heart. Kids love him, too, as evidenced by the reactions he gets out of them. Every where he goes, Mark goes out of his way to engage the little ones. When we used to go to church as a family, I'd sometimes have to admonish him for paying more attention to the babies around us than the sermon. He couldn't help it; he just loves baby smiles. At a wedding this weekend, it was no different; Mr. 4444 and the flower girl (Sophia, also a house guest of ours for the weekend). Here he is, playing peek-a-boo with her while her parents stood in line for dinner. 

 He's the king of weird face making.

Just look at this little cutie's reaction.

Mr.4444 can't wait to be a grandpa. 
It's going to be a while, as neither of our children are expecting to be parents soon.
In the meantime, he'll get plenty of practice.

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