Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Got a Fall or Halloween Memory?

Okay. I'll start. I remember being a middle schooler bold enough to "egg" somebody's house. (Dang! Apparently, I was meaner than I thought! All that pent up emotion, I guess.) Anyway, since egging houses was new to me and my friend (this was my first and last time), we weren't exactly professionals. More than a little paranoid, hearts pounding, we stole a single egg from the fridge, knowing that taking more than one risked certain discovery. (Who knew that bleary-eyed mothers of nine children did not keep tallies of spent eggs folded inside their bathrobe pockets?) Carefully, we wiped our fingerprints off the egg in order to protect our identities. Then, having trouble deciding which of two homes to egg, we cracked it in two and threw each half at different, adjoining houses. Feet pounding, lungs afire with adrenalin and crisp, fall air, we tore down the street to make our escape. Daring to look back after a half block or so, but continuing to walk (just in case!) we braced ourselves for a reaction and found ourselves disappointed. What?! No squealing tires? No flashing lights? No angry voices shouting into the night at children huddled in the bushes for cover? We were met only with anticlimactic calm. That, and a feeling that we were not cut out for lives of crime; it was boring (and just plain dumb). So we went home and made omelettes instead. (just kidding)


  1. I have a story, that if it had happened in today's world, I would be a millionaire. The setting was Astor Park. I was probably 8 years old. The parkees had a "great" haunted house set up in the pavilion. I remember entering it on my hands and knees... being coaxed by my big sisters who had no idea what torture they were bestowing upon me. Not more than 3 minutes into it, "Dracula" jumped out of coffin. I doubt I have ever let out such a scream of horror in my entire life. "Dracula" apparently didn't like it, and proceeded to cover up my mouth with his hands. Oh, good idea, you stupid #**... touching me was a BRILLIANT idea. Cutting off air flow to my lungs after the largest exhale humanly possible was a brilliant plan. As fast as my scream had started, the hyper-ventilating was even faster. I was out of control and they had to open a secret exit and let me out. Between this incident, and my siblings taping me in a cardboard box and putting me in the shower, it's no wonder I panic when things are around my mouth. I couldn't even go into the Haunted house Barb and Teri made in their backyard shed - I cried of embarrassment in front of my friends. Thanks again, Dracula. Again, if it were 2007 when that happened, I could have sued for millions.... hhmmm.. wonder what the statute of limitations is for this?

  2. Having kids, as you and I do, gives me an even deeper appreciation for how terrifying that must have been for you. So sorry you had to go through that. As for the box, I plead the fifth.


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