Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ridiculous Day!

This is how I spent my morning; dressed in full costume for "Ridiculous Day!" which is, of course, part of Spirit Week at the middle school. (For what it's worth, this boys' mom gave permission for me to post his photo on my blog. This lad has a GREAT sense of humor. Although he is very much like Archie Bunker, you gotta love him!)

Days like today are what "fill me up." I recieved so much positive attention for this get-up, it was a blast. The kids vascilated between terror and amusement; I wish I had photos of their faces as they came into the building to see me galloping around the foyer in my "horse." Priceless. Adults, too, were quite entertained. I could tell many people wished they had the nerve, and others simply shook their heads. Although The Girl pretended to be mortified (and I went along with the act), I could tell she loved the attention, too. Combined with Pajama Day (another big favorite of mine) and Heavenly Hats Day (I love not having to do my hair!), Ridiculous Day has become my new favorite! Can't wait til next year; I'll definitely have to wear the mask again (unless, of course, the principal got some phone calls today regarding the sadistic teacher who terrified kids to the point of school phobia!)

Now, there is no way I can end this post without a comment about my mother. (I know you, my Sisters, are itching to draw the parallels!) I will not own "morphing" into Mom, but I will admit that in recent years, I have grown to love dressing up like a freak and acting silly. I guess that's a trait I don't mind claiming :0)

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  1. Ok. So tell me again how dressing up like a freak and acting silly is not morphing into mom? :) It is too late, it has happened to you, and I think to all 5 of us girls. I dress up at my WW meetings sometimes, when it fits the topic, and I have fun with it. We even sing sometimes, and I am not that great a singer, but the older I get, the gutsier I get. So, glad that you make life more fun and exciting. Let's keep on doin it!!!


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