Sunday, November 4, 2007

Party Recap

I haven't blogged in a while because I have been out-of-my-mind busy. State testing at school has thrown our schedule off considerably, I started a class ("Digital Natives"), and Mr. 4444 and I were preparing for our annual Halloween Bash, which took place last night. Here are some highlights:

**Me (Britney Spears) and my baby sister. (Isn't it great how wearing a costume sets you free to be ridiculous?! God, I love Halloween!)

**Cooper stared the party off by chewing up the jalapenos for the House of Pain station in the woods. (Good thing tequila took the edge off for those who missed the jalapenos). Needless to say, our canine friend spent the night in the kennel in our bedroom.)

**Mr. 4444 started off the night in a pimp costume. Before he even made it out to the party, I said, "Lose the hat--You make a better Hugh Hefner!"(and he did!)

**10 lbs. of barbequed beef was gone almost as fast as the keg!

**The "Six Flags Guy" and "his" wife, "Wilamena" were hysterical! (Contemplating a boob-job? Try water balloons, instead!)

**The "Tin Man" was phenonmenal. The congressman in the porta-potty was disturbing, but funny. People really went all out with their costumes (as usual), which made the night even more entertaining and fun.

**It was the Year of the Swashbuckler; we had at least six pirates! "The Pirate's Cove" station in the woods was definitely one to repeat; the "Jerk Captain Jack Off" game was a big hit! (Note: In order to play (tug of war from two single-person platforms approximately 2 inches off the ground), one must be able to walk and to stand upright! Not mentioning any names, of course!)

**The Lark Brothers Blues Band jammed until about 1am; they were fantastic, as usual. Hef and I finally crashed around 3am.

**Kitchen floor so dirty this morning, my socks were black before I got to the coffee maker.

**Mr. 4444 (God love him) made waffles for me and our three houseguests, not counting the one sleeping outside in his truck, for some odd reason (I offered him a bed, I swear!) That man (Mr. 4444) rocks, I tell you. (I'll bet the real Hef doesn't make waffles!)

**Our dear friends were here by 9am to help take down the big tent, gorilla, and Spooky Walk tents. Sandy also single-handedly cleaned my kitchen completely before leaving last night!

**Unclaimed items found this morning: one false eyelash, two harlequin masks, one pair of BIG round eyeglasses, an airline pilot's epaulette, and a pile of puke (Cooper, of course, found that first thing!)

We caught up with old friends that we only see once a year and made some new friends, too. If you didn't make it this time, mark your calendar for Saturday, November 1st, 2008. God willing, we'll do it all again!


  1. Hello there, fellow special education teacher! I smile at your postings about school and your students. You just have to laugh sometimes, don't you? I stumbled across your blog from another teacher's site, and I just wanted to say hello...and wish you a happy week at school!

  2. It looked like a fun party. Hope you were okay the next day. Hope the hang over wasn't to bad.

  3. Absolutely! I felt great (well, mostly great, after only 5 hours of sleep.) Actually, I don't drink (I think I'm allergic), so I had an especially good time (dancing without fear of falling down, being entertained by all the merriment, and taking a lot of photos.) It was a blast, and having a clean house in the morning was a HUGE bonus!


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