Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mission Accomplished!

Hooray! I found the greatest way to Christmas shop! Wait til there is a blizzard, and then go; parking spots abound, lines (what lines?!), and if you don't mind digging to the bottom of piles for selection, you will be very successful and happy.

I've been sick all week and still don't feel the best, but I had to get out there today (waiting til Christmas Eve is too scary for me). I shopped for five hours and have everybody accounted for. Store clerks, though in small number, were cheerful and very helpful. The conditions outside were terrible; temps in the teens, windchill below zero, and 50-mph wind gusts made for zig-zaggy trips across parking lots (and sneakers full of snow). I can't remember having to walk backwards against the wind since I was in grade school! I thanked God for my father-in-law's old Navy-issue pea coat; it was a sweet wind shield. I also thanked Him for my dear husband, who had a roaring fire in the hearth when I got home.

There's nothing left but the wrapping! Hope this finds you just as content (and not blowing your nose, itching your eyes, coughing, or taking Theraflu.)

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  1. For someone sick you sure are good at spreading cheer!! I hope that you feel 100% better very quickly and that you have an amazing start to the New Year.


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