Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Favorite Gift

I’m guessing we’ve all got our favorite gifts this year. I love my new crepe maker, stock pot, Bath & Body stuff, and my new clothes (especially my “Hooker boots”). I love the hip Baggallini bag from my sister Mary and the hand-picked, candied pecans lovingly prepared by my sister Judy and her husband Allan (in Memphis.) Three of my siblings thoughtfully gave me survival gear (see my first and favorite post), which brought a sheepish grin and appreciation for thinking so carefully. But this year, my hands-down favorite gift is a labor of love from my “baby” sister, Michelle. It’s the kind of gift that cannot be purchased at the mall or ordered on line, but it is one that is very valuable, because it involved a lot of time and effort. This sweetheart took the time (and ink!) to print out every single one of my blogs (including comments) and put them in a scrapbook for me, all last night!! I’ve been wishing to have such a treasure, but never have the time to do it myself, and I said yesterday afternoon that I wish I had the time. (Yes, I know; it’s all there on my blog, but visually-oriented me dreamed of a nice, organized copy in-hand, and this one is beautiful; every blog (in color) with lots of added pics and extra visuals perfectly suited for the posts.) Sweet!! It’s this kind of gift that makes me start thinking really hard about next year and how I can make someone else feel the same way, with a very personal gift. (If you have any ideas….let me know.)



  1. I'm happy to hear that Santa was good to you!!

  2. Thank you for your kind post on my blog! I can appreciate your favorite gift; I designed a couple albums this year for family, too, but not of my blog - what a great idea! Just last night my husband suggested that very thing - I think your sis is onto something ;).

  3. Aw, that is sweet! It is nice to have your writing treated so wonderfully.


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