Sunday, January 13, 2008

“It was like we were in our own snow globe,” said a cheerful Aunt Amy after arriving home from today’s Green Bay Packers snowy victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

From Mr. 4444: “I barely watched the game; I was so mesmerized by the snow falling so beautifully in the stadium lights and the general energy of the crowd. The mood was so fantastic; fans from both teams were just so happy and friendly, and the atmosphere was amazing! This was definitely the greatest game experience I have ever had.”

42 Packers, 20 Seahawks What a game!!

For more about the Packers Experience, see this Youtube video (skip past the first minute, which is kinda boring, but the rest gives a great explanation for why we live and breathe the Packers around here...)

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  1. Mrs 4444 I left you something on my post for today...just to make my day...I love reading your post...and makes me laugh even if I don't want too!


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