Sunday, January 13, 2008


JAX has awarded me a "You Make My Day" award! As you can see, it is my first!!! She says it's because I make her laugh every day, even when she doesn't want to. That is quite a compliment, and I appreciate it very much (even though I can't think of anything funny to say at the moment) which is why I am going to pass the praise on to a blogger who never fails to make ME laugh every time I visit:MIR. (If anyone can tell me how to get this cute little award to post in my sidebar without getting cut off, I'd appreciate it!) AND, insprired, I have made my own to share, so MIR, here's yours! Have a great week, everybody (Except the Dallas Cowboys)!

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  1. When I added mine I had to unclick the shrink to fit option....maybe that will help, and look at you making one to give out...very clever! I get bored easily and like to follow the links on others blog page...and I really enjoy woulda coulda shoulda!


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