Monday, January 28, 2008

How I Earn My Summers Off...

I have a special ed student (Jason) who is in all regular ed classes. I don't see him very often. Yesterday, he came into my room during my Planning Period, which is part of 1 1/4 hours allotted each day for teachers to do the following:

*Write creative, engaging lesson plans that adhere to state standards.
*Gather props/materials for delivery of engaging lesson plans.
*Adapt lesson plans in order to differentiate for varied skill levels
*Delete mail about enlarging my...(or forward it to home addresses)
*Answer a minimum of 30 emails.
*Check Voicemail and make return phone calls
*Write professional goals.
*Check mailbox; sort mail, etc.
*Read the workshop pamphlets, magazines and newsletters placed in our mailboxes.
*Catch up on current topics in education by reading professional journals.
*Apply for Professional Teacher Accreditation
*Correct Papers, writing feedback in the margins (Remember,7 positives for every negative!)
*Display student work.
*Enter grades.
*Email grades.
*Print Grade Reports to hand to the kids so they can throw them away on the way home.
*Delete the emails that come back when we emailed grades to defunct addresses.
*Apply for grants.
*Call parents of students whose grades are tanking.
*Complete meeting request forms.
*Fill out purchase orders and update budgets.
*Attend Committee meetings
*Create stimulating bulletin boards
*Fix the copier, add paper, fix it again, call for more paper, make one copy before it breaks again.
*Call to let the secretary know the copier is still broken.
*Complete Life Skills Assessments (because we all know everyone reads those!)
*Complete Referral Forms (for those whose Life Skills are not so great)
*Run Referral forms to the office.
*Collect homework for students who have been suspended or are sick.
*Make copies of assignments for those students who lost theirs or decided to go on vacation tomorrow and want a week’s worth of homework today.
*Offer remedial help to students who are struggling in our classes.
*And last, but certainly not least, GO TO THE BATHROOM!

So, Jason says to me, "If you're not doing anything, I was wondering if you could help me with my Math?" After I finished laughing....I said, "Sure. What have you got?"


  1. My God, woman! ;)
    You work so hard... and a smile to boot. Very impressive!

  2. Well crap...I don't know if you want to hear about my day or not! You go girl!

  3. Yet another reason why you were a Golden Apple award winner. You are a ROCK STAR!

  4. Hi -

    I am also a special educaion teacher and I just stumbled onto your blog. I just wanted to let you know that this post made me smile. I think I'll have to poke around here a little more. :)


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