Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm Spoiled

I'm married to a real man. Here's how I know: He just came in from blowing snow. The temperature is -1 degree Farenheit, with a 20-degree-below zero wind chill. How manly is that?!

Mr.4444 is now cooking supper with a manly, cast-iron skillet. He's making this (Thanks, Pioneer Woman). For what it's worth, the other night, I made this (Thanks, again, PW!) It was fantastic! It reminded me of gradeschool hot lunch and my favorite, Chicken a la King. Yum! Now I just need the recipe for the red velvet cake those hair-netted goddesses also made. (Oddly enough, I loved school hot lunch when I was a kid.)

Dang, those frying onions smell good! Oh, and one more thing I made to go with the Chicken Spaghetti the other night; Buttery Thyme Bread, only it didn't turn out so well, because it had to sit in the oven for about twenty extra minutes, as we waited for Mr. 4444 and The Boy to get home (unexpected delay).

Mr.4444 also has a roaring fire going in the fireplace. (We had no kindling, so he skillfully used his hatchet to make some, instead of running to the gas station and buying it, like I do.) This guy has talents, I tell you.....I do NOT take him for granted.

Supper time!!!


  1. Iron, wind, fire... quite the man indeed!! Nice job!

  2. I am also spoiled by my better half! Aren't we lucky:)

  3. It is nice to see a woman who is proud of her man and i am confident that he adores you as well. In these days it is rare. We too adore each other asd we are coming up on 25 years. I found your site from Sister of a Different Order (they are a hoot) and I see you also read PW. Those are some good blogs, i was just moved to say something about this post. TV today makes men look like idiots, so good post.


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